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2017 Skin Care Brand of the Year: Everything’s Coming Up Kiehl’s

I tried a lot of new brands this year and expanded beyond my comfort zone of mostly Korean skin care products. And while I still have great love in my heart for all things K-beauty, this year’s brand of the year is none other than the super unfancy, ultra get-things-done brand: Kiehl’s.

Why Kiehl’s?

As a general rule, I need my skin care to do the following things:

  • Live up to its promises
  • Center products around quality ingredients
  • Deliver consistent, solid experiences
  • Feel good and be easy to work with
  • Not be laden with perfumes, artificial or otherwise
  • Do one thing and do it well

For me, Kiehl’s embodies all of these values. It’s a no-fills brand that prides itself on providing quality products at mid-range to high-end prices without feeling the need for ultra bougie packaging, filler, or fragrance. With Kiehl’s, you know what you’re getting, and it’s quality every single time. I’ve yet to meet a Kiehl’s product that didn’t live up to my high standards.

One Stop Shop for Many Skin Types, Skin Challenges, and End Goals

The other reason I love this brand is that they carry a fully fleshed out, carefully considered range of products that treat a variety of skin-related issues from every day skin care to treatments for afflictions like seborrheic dermatitis and beyond. If someone tells me they have a skin concern and they want to try a few things out, we can take a trip to our local Kiehl’s store and try a variety of products in person. The staff has always been friendly and helpful, too, should we run into questions about whether Product A is better than Product B.

I really appreciate a line that can provide for just about every step in an average person’s skin care routine. And while you can rip my K-beauty products and 10-step routine out of my cold, dead hands, it’s nice to know that if all else fails, one trip to one store can provide me with quality skin care all in one fell swoop.

From the Brand


(I am not affiliated with Kiehl’s, and all reviews and recommendations are my own)

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