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Son & Park Beauty Water Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

I have used three: Bioderma, Garnier, and Son & Park Beauty Water.

My hands-down favorite is the Son & Park Beauty Water.

Story Time: That Time I Was in Korea and Got Suckered Into Buying Expensive Water

So, I was in Seoul with my daughter at Olive Young, and they had this promotion: buy a full-size Beauty Water and get a travel size for free. Now, like any good K-beauty blogger, I’d seen Beauty Water all over the internet, but honestly, I didn’t seen the point in yet another micellar water, especially one at that price point. But my daughter was like, “OMG Mom, I really want to try this SO bad, can I please please please please have it?” and her stupid doe eyes filled with tears and her lips quivered and her chin wobbled as she clutched the package to her chest and how was I supposed to say no to that?

That didn’t actually happen. At least not to that extent. I don’t think she cried. I don’t think. Probably not.

But maybe.

Luckily for me, (or, unluckily, depending on your point of view) shit was worth it. What I like about the Beauty Water is that it doesn’t burn my eyes when I get it in my eyes (which is always), my skin feels softer after using it, it does a good job removing makeup, and my skin doesn’t feel stripped afterwards. In fact, it feels refreshed.

This shit is genuinely multipurpose. I think you could use it as an a hydrating toner/first essence and you’d be good. It checks all the boxes for me. I wish I didn’t like it, because Garnier’s micellar water is less than half the price, but the Son & Park is worth it, especially if you’re someone who needs to wash their face multiple times a day (like, for instance, if you’re washing in the morning and then again after hitting the gym at lunch).

Best Use Cases:

  • Makeup remover
  • Face-washing substitute after a workout
  • Hydrating toner/first essence in a pinch

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